Gateron Low Profile Switches (KS-27) - An Overview - Ranked

Gateron Low Profile Switches (KS-27) - An Overview

Gateron low profile switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch made by the Chinese company Gateron. The KS-27 model specifically refers to the low profile variant of Gateron's standard MX switches.

Low profile switches are designed to be slimmer and lighter than traditional mechanical switches, and this often results in a faster and more responsive typing experience. They have a shorter travel distance and quicker actuation.

The Gateron low profile switches feature a plate mounted design with high compatibility due to their 3-pin design and are also compatible with SMD leds.

The Benefits of Low Profile Switches for Office Use

Low profile switches have gained popularity in recent years due to their sleek and modern design, improved typing speed, and ergonomic benefits. These switches are ideal for office use, providing a comfortable typing experience for those who spend extended periods of time at their desks. One of the key advantages of low profile switches is the elimination of the need for a wrist rest, which can be uncomfortable for many users. With their slim design and fast typing speed, low profile switches offer a solution for office workers looking to increase their typing efficiency and comfort.

In addition to the ergonomic benefits, low profile switches also make keyboards more compact and portable. This is especially advantageous for those who need to commute between work and home, as they can easily take their keyboard with them. With all these benefits, it's no wonder that low profile switches have become a popular choice for office use.

Switch Types:


  • Blue – Clicky | 1.5mm Pre-Travel | 2.75mm Total Travel | 52cN Actuation


  • Red - Linear | 1.5mm Pre-Travel | 2.75mm Total Travel | 50cN Actuation


  • Brown - Tactile | 1.5mm Pre-Travel | 2.75mm Total Travel | 55cN Actuation